The face behind the lens - Shauna Marlowe, photographer and owner of Life with Fur Photography, LLC!

Shauna M. N. Marlowe

Animal lover. Photographer. Businesswoman. Wife.


Mission: create beautiful art to celebrate the beautiful relationships we have with our pets

I can't remember a day when I have not been woken up by a cold, wet nose, when my coffee has been free of fur, or when I haven't had an animal snuggling on my lap while I read. I'm the person who cries every time a movie or a book kills off the dog. I follow every animal rescue on social media and want to stop to save every collar-less pet I see. I'm fairly certain that I have a case of foster fever and know that I have permanent puppy fever.

I've loved and lost my share of pets & loved some more. Animals bring so much light into our lives. Every animal has its own unique personality, quirks, and eccentricities. As a “pets & their people” exclusive photographer, I specialize in capturing your pet's authentic self. While any photographer can take beautiful photos, working with animals takes a special breed (forgive my pun, but I love puns). Pet photography is a specialty and the only type of photography I do. I am someone who has devoted my professional career to working with animals and my personal life to loving them. "By day," I am the Co-Owner and Manager to Dogtopia of Madison West, a successful dog daycare, boarding, and spa facility in Middleton, WI. I am certified in canine and feline basic first aid and CPR, canine infectious disease management, and am trained in dog behavior & body language.

— Photo credit to Anya Kubilus, https://www.anyakubilus.com

Meet My Pets...

Young Gun Louie

“Louie” or “Lou” or “Louis” or “Lucifer”
This sweet and loyal pup is the light of my life. Born April 30, 2018, he joined our family in July. He is sweet and gentle, very loving, and eager to please. His favorite treats are ice cubes and his favorite (but naughty) hobby is pulling up the grass in our yard.

P1020388 (2).JPG


“Kitty Ross the Boss” or “Boss Kitty” or “The Black Pancake”
This handsome, sensitive soul was adopted from Dane County Humane Society in December, 2012. The very first day we brought him home, he snuggled in my lap while I read. That was the last time he let us touch him for a year. It took a while for him to learn to trust. Now he's a gentle cuddler and is known for his kitty kisses, leg rubs, and head butts.

P1020356 (2).JPG

Indiana Jones

“Sweet Indy”, “Mr. Jones”, or “Mini Kitty Indy”
A true adventurist and troublemaker, Indy was adopted from Animal Humane New Mexico in November 2015. He was bottle-fed as a kitten and became very used to human touch. He's always finding trouble, whether it's jumping from tall heights and tearing his ACL or tasting every plant and flower he sees - toxic or not. We call him "Sweet Indy" because he will sit at our feet and cry until we hold him.