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— Photo credit to Anya Kubilus, https:/www.anyakubilus.com

I absolutely LOVE your work! How do I book a session with you?

Easy! Send me an email at lifewithfurphotography@gmail.com or 608-709-9710 and I will contact you within 48 hours.

I have a pet related business or organization, can I contact you to discussa mutually beneficial partnership?

Yes – I would love to collaborate! I frequently work with other businesses and charitable organizations. I love using my photography to give back, and I'm more than happy to help other businesses. I've done commercial work, event coverage, discount for members, and more. Contact me via email at lifewithfurphotography@gmail.com with what you had in mind.

Can I buy a gift certificate?

Yes! Photography sessions make a great gift for family and friends. Gift certificates are available in amounts of $20.00 and are applicable for both session and product pricing. Click HERE to purchase one!

My pet is old or doesn't have much time left can you fit them into you schedule?

Of course – I empathize with your situation. For me, these types of sessions take priority. Please contact me as soon as possible and be sure to mention it’s a time sensitive session. There is no extra fee, but it will help me organize my schedule better. I’m willing to do odd hours if necessary.

Do you photograph other pets besides cats and dogs?

Yes! I’ve done sessions with horses, rabbits, chickens - you name it! The only thing I will say no to is anything that might put me in danger (e.g., no poisonous snakes outside of their enclosure).

What if my pet is wild/shy/etc.? or What if my dog doesn't know any commands?

Not a problem! Every pet has a unique personality, let’s work together to capture it! I’ve got a fast camera and a patient personality. Some of the best photos are candid photos so don’t worry about the commands. I do ask that you disclose any aggressive behavior or triggers during the scheduling process so we can discuss what will work best with your pet’s personality.

My dog needs to stay on a leash, am I limited on locations?

Not at all! I just ask that you use, if possible, a thin leash that’s one solid color. It will make the processing stage a little bit easier. In fact, unless we are in an enclosed, fenced, or gated area, I require all pets be on-leash.

What are the best times and months to book a session?

Right now! Whenever you want! In my opinion there is no “best time” there is only the time that works best for you (and my schedule). That being said, please keep in mind that early mornings and early evenings tend to have amazing lighting and are a little bit cooler, but really, the time and season are only going to effect the aesthetic. For example, for grassy locations, I prefer to photograph when the sun is low so there’s less light reflection off the grass and more focus on your pet. If you were hoping for bright poppin’ colors, winter probably won’t be best. Although, if your dog looooooves the snow and has a really cute pair of booties, I’ll throw on my own snow boots and meet you outside! I shoot year round and am only limited by other appointments.

Should I have a home or on-location session?

We should hold the session wherever your pet will be comfortable being themselves. For some, this is at home snuggled with their favorite blanket on their favorite spot on the couch. For others, this is at the dog park, running through the tall grass. You know your pet best, and I’m willing to go to wherever that place is for them.

Do you photograph people as well as pets?

I do pets with their people, but not people alone – although I do have recommendations for photographers in the area if you were looking for just a human session! Otherwise, you and your family members are more than welcome to be a part of the session. I do want to be clear that my style will be a little bit different from what you’re used to. I focus on the pets so your portraits will be of pets with their humans instead of humans with their pets, if that distinction is clear. The first thing I want people to see when looking at my work is the animal, but I love celebrating the relationship between pets and their people!

What should I wear? Do I need to bring anything to our session?

Don’t worry! I can help answer these questions and more as we schedule the session!

Do you only shoot on location? or Do you have a studio?

I specialize in lifestyle, naturally-lit pet portraits so for my signature session - no studio and no big scary equipment, just me, my camera, and your pet! That said, some of my creative concept sessions will be studio work as I branch into this field of pet photography.

When you photograph on-location, what if we're outside and it rains?

We’ll embrace it – some of the best photos are in unexpected conditions – or we’ll reschedule. It depends on how intensely it’s raining, your pet’s reaction to the rain, and where we are in the session. I’ll usually check the weather one or two days before to confirm that we’re still good to go. If we must, we can always reschedule (at no cost to you). I’ll let you know if I think that’s the case, but feel free to contact me if you’re concerned, and we can talk options!

How far do you travel to take photos?

I’m willing to go where your pet is, within reason; however, my schedule is more restricted for distance sessions. Contact me for more information.

Do I get prints? Can I get a digital copy of the images?

All Signature Sessions come with FREE social media sized digitals with a small watermark. You can also purchase non-watermarked digitals as well but my mission is to create lasting fine art for you to display in your home. I offer traditional framed prints, canvases, acrylic, wood, and metal artwork as well as photo albums of your final images. Please check out the investment section of my website for more information on what is available for purchase. Click HERE to be directed there.

How can I pay you?

I accept cash, check, money order, and PayPal! Gift certificates can be purchased directly through this site with a credit card as well. 


Have More Questions?

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