More than just a picture

Images that last as long as your love

My mission is to create beautiful art to celebrate the beautiful relationships we have with our pets. My photography sessions are for more than just social media. The goal is to create lasting artwork that has meaning. Choose one or some of your favorite images to create fine art worthy of display in your home or office, or to give as a priceless gift. Every session includes an in-person ordering session with me, during which we will review your images. I will be able to assist you in narrowing down your favorites (This is the most difficult part!) and in choosing the right products and finishes to suit your needs. Online gallery ordering sessions are available as an alternative to the in-person session. Digital files are also available with printing rights.

Simple pricing

I promise to capture images true to your pet, true to your relationship. My goal is to create art for you to cherish - authentic images that will last as long as your love. Why make things more complicated than that? It’s my goal to make this process as simple as possible for you. My pricing is straightforward. I offer two different sessions packages. No hidden charges. No travel fees. No additional subject fees. No minimum purchase requirement. No payment due until we schedule your appointment and you have a chance to review my contract. For either session package, the price you see is a non-refundable retainer fee to reserve an appointment on my schedule. After the session, purchase the images you want, in the form you want. My current product catalog is available HERE. All prices are subject to tax. Simple.


  • In appreciation for the selfless love and care they give our pets, veterinary staff receive 25% off their retaining fee. Always.

  • Dogtopia of Madison West clients receive 10% off their retaining fee with Loyalty ID


Signature Session

  • aka “My Pet & Me” or “Pets & Their People” session

  • 25-50 finished photo proofs (usually more!)

  • 90 minutes

  • $175 retaining fee

  • FREE Social Media Downloads

This is the classic photography session that most families choose because it’s a chance for them to capture that special relationship between their pet and their family. My signature photography sessions last 90 min, which includes a 15-30 min meet & greet with your pet and family and, at minimum, 60 minutes in front of the camera. I promise 25 processed images at minimum; however, you can expect closer to, and oftentimes above 50 images proofs. Following your session, we will schedule an in-person appointment to review your images. All sessions come with free, low resolution, social media size, watermarked copies of your favorite images so you can easily share them with friends and family.


Pet Portrait Session

  • aka “Pet Glamour Shots” or “A Day in the Life”

  • 15-20 finished photo proofs (usually more)

  • 45-60 min

  • $100 retaining fee

Whether you are celebrating a new addition to your family or memorializing an old friendship, my pet portrait session captures the authentic self of your pet. No humans allowed! I do not do studio sessions, these are portraits of your pet as you know them - in home or at play - journalistic / lifestyle portraits. The pet portraits session lasts 45 min a minimum, which includes a 15 min meet & greet with your pet to allow them to become comfortable with the camera. I promise 15 processed images at minimum, but you expect a heck of a lot more! Following your session, we will review your images and help you decide which suit your purposes best.